Anti-coup journalists getting kidnapped and murdered in Honduras

Honduras is in a state of massive political transition, as large amounts of upheaval and polarization continues to jarr the nation. The few media outlets that have spoken out against 2009 coup are dealing with more than just bad press — they’re fighting for survival.

The reporter was an anti-coup journalist for Globo. This is the third journalist killed this year, all from the Globo Media Group — a vocal critic of the coup. The two killed earlier this year were programme director ANibal Barrow and cameraman Manuel Murillo.

“Globo is one of the few national broadcasters to criticize the June 2009 coup d’état,” Reporters Without Borders said.

A total of 38 journalists have been killed in the past decade in Honduras, two thirds of them since the 2009 coup.

via ifex

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