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Countries fail to reach an agreement on TPP as Wikileaks releases more documents

A secret document released by Wikileaks showed excerpts of government commentary from a representing official of the TPP negotiations. Excerpts revealed that the US was putting significant pressure on other countries to reach an agreement, although countries were divided on an inflated 119 issues. Forbes reported today that an agreement was unable to be reached with negotiations continuing for several more weeks, likely leading into 2014.

From the excerpt writes, “…As an overview, it should be mentioned that the U.S. is exerting great pressure to close as many issues as possible this week. However the Chapters that were reviewed by the CNs [Chief Negeotiators] today did not record much progress. This pressure will increase with every passing day …”

A second document released by Wikileaks was a spreadsheet showing a breakdown of each countries position on the 119 issues. In the area of intellectual property alone, there were 18 issues with the U.S. agreeing to support 14 of them.

via Forbes

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