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Assange recites essay on BBC radio about mass surveillance

Last Thursday, Julian Assange appeared on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme to recite an essay on the government’s desire to achieve ‘god-like’ knowledge of its citizens.

“To keep a person ignorant is to place them in a cage.  So it follows that the powerful if they want to keep their power, will try to know as much as about us as they can and they will try to make sure that we know as little as possible about them,” said Assange.

His appearance on BBC has infuriated many. Labour MP Ian Austin tweeted, “In 30 years of listening, I already thought today’s @BBCr4today was worst ever. I cldn’t imagine it cld get worse. Then they put Assange on”.

Assange sought out political asylum in Ecuador amid rape charges in Sweden and an extradition request. He’s been residing in Ecuador since late-2012.

You can listen to essay on BBC  here

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