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The Immunity Project is creating a free vaccine to end HIV/AIDS

We’ve written previously about treatment options for HIV/AIDS. Solving the HIV epidemic doesn’t solely entail the creation of a vaccine or cure, but also of properly establishing infrastructure to deliver the drugs to those affected.

The Immunity Project is a non-profit organization that’s developing a free vaccine for HIV/AIDS. Using machine learning, they’ve reverse engineered the defense mechanism process of HIV controllers – rare individuals who are immune to the deadly virus. The vaccine contains microspheres which are embedded with ‘targets’ for areas where the HIV virus is weak. End-users inhale the drug through nasal injection which can be kept at room temperature, eliminating the issue of refrigeration which been a challenge for many other types of drugs.

For more information about the company, visit their website at They’re currently accepting donations to help them conduct a clinical trial in the US and South Africa.