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Luxembourg prime minister exits after Espionage Scandal

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Jean-Claude Juncker, 59 year old premier of Luxembourg bowed on Wenesday over revelations of multiple abuses, including the retention of large archives of political espionage collected during the cold war of various individuals.

Juncker, who has presided as the government of Luxembourg since 1995, has had an otherwise clean criminal record with no other prior convictions. The resignation comes on the heels of weeks of drama coming from the revelations leaked from an otherwise tight-knit security organization. Mr. Juncker dismissed the actions of his security service as a product of a lack of oversight on his part: “the intelligence service was not my top priority.”

“The list of dysfunctionalities, even of illegalities is long,” the report said.

 Mr. Juncker resigned at the face of increasing criticism from the opposition calling for a new election. Date of a new election has yet to be set.

via nytimes

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