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Hong Kong police build app to connect with citizens

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Institutional police and security services have typically been lethargic in their acceptance and integration of social media channels. The Hong Kong police have decided to change that. To start, they have a prolific social media presence, consistently engaging with citizens through YouTube and Twitter. More interestingly, however, is the mobile application they’ve built to interact directly with their citizen consistuency. The app is well built, and features the following:

  1. Wanted / Missing Persons;
  2. Crime Prevention Advice;
  3. Traffic Matters;
  4. Notification of Public Meeting / Notification of Public Procession;
  5. Crime Statistics;
  6. Force Vision, Common Purpose and Values;
  7. Commissioner’s Operational Priorities;
  8. Press Release;
  9. Clarification / Response to Media Enquiry or Report;
  10. Recruitment;
  11. e-Report Room;
  12. Nearest Police Station and
  13. Contact Us

They’ve built a full community around the application. There’s crowdsourced video production and real-time response. The HKP has yet to offer comment on the response and retention rate of the application.

via futuregov

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