Ericsson's Hans Vestberg

Eurotech companies using Streetlights to expand Cellphone Coverage

Mobile data usage is exploding.

In the United States last year, the average mobile phone user consumed 1.2 gigabytes of data a month over cellular networks, nearly double the average amount used in 2012, Chetan Sharma, a consultant for wireless carriers, estimated. This exponential trend is expected to continue as mobile infrastructure around the world struggles to keep up with the (predictable) proliferation of smartphones.

To combat this, providers like AT&T are looking into novel ideas in order to bolster the capabilities of their current infrastructure. Huawei, China’s leading mobile infrastructure provider, has also been actively searching new technologies to upgrade their existing capacities.

As with most things tech, big tech has come along with a novel solution. European companies Ericsson and Phillips unveiled on Monday a brand new project which will incorporate cellphone antennas into energy-efficient LED streetlights, that will bolster cell coverage at the location of chocie.

“This is the best way to strengthen mobile networks,” Hans Vestberg, Ericsson’s chief executive, said in an interview.

Article via NY Times

photo by: Ericsson Images