How is ICT helping Uganda’s education system? The World Bank polls to find out.

By tapping into Uganda’s network of over 236,000 U-reporters built by UNICEF, a joint ICT/UPPET team was able to identify and poll over 5,000 teachers, students, and parents associated with school supported by UPPET. UPPET, the Uganda Post Primary Education and Training Project has been seen by many as a hallmark initiative by the World Bank in implementing information technologies into the field of social development in the African continent.

What’s interesting beyond the UPPET initiative, however, has been the World Bank’s ability to quickly collect response data from thousands of Ugandans in a very short amount of time. For the first time ever, survey technology is allowing NGOs and policymakers to establish a strong two-way line of communication with those they are helping.

By establishing a reporting network, the World Bank can now adequately spread their various initiatives and get immediate feedback on the efficacy in various regions, making the iterative process a lot more robust. The same methodology is now being explored by other providers.

via World Bank