Lavabit temporarily reopens for 72 hours

Encrypted e-mail service Lavabit, which closed down over 2 months ago, is reopening its services temporarily until Thursday. The founder of Lavabit, Ladar Levison, is giving his customers 72 hours to access their accounts before it shuts down permanently. Levison was able  to acquire a new SSL key to ensure data going to and from the site remains encrypted.

In a statement on, Levison writes, “To begin this process, the user will first be allowed to change their password during a 72 hour period, beginning tonight at 7:00 PM Central. This step was created due to recent events in the news that have lead people to believe that their account information may have been compromised. If users are indeed concerned that their account information has been compromised, this will allow them to change their account password on a website with a newly secured SSL key. Following the 72 hour period, Thursday, October 17th, the website will then allow users to access email archives and their personal account data so that it may be preserved by the user.”

Lavabit was used by Edward Snowden to leak the NSA scandal and was coerced by the US government to terminate its operations back in August.

via Guardian

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