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First bus ticketing app in Western Africa to launch in Cameroon

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A bus ticketing app called QuickTicket is set to launch sometime this month in Cameroon. The app will allow users to browse through bus schedules, reserve seats, and pay online. The first of its kind in Cameroon, the app was developed by biomedical science student Acha Nelson along with a team of developers.

“I have been faced with the frustrations of going to the bus agencies early in the mornings, each time I want to travel, to reserve a particular and comfortable seat,” Nelson said in an interview with HumanIPO.

“And also, after reserving my ticket, I still don’t know the bus, the exact time the bus will depart, so i have to present myself at the agency in the evening, usually to wait for many hours before the bus departs, or I risk missing the bus. So, I decided to solve this problem, the best way I knew, with technology.”

Nelson claims that around 92% of the country depends on public transportation which continues to struggle with heavy congestion on major roadways. For more information about QuickTicket, visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

Story via HumanIPO

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