Numeric: Bringing Khan Academy to South Africa

Khan Academy believe it or not, is 4 years old. Starting from simple Youtube math tutorial videos created by founder Sal Khan, Khan Academy has grown with over 4000 videos and north of 10 million users. Despite it’s huge success, a digital platform cannot completely replace teacher to student interactions. In many developing countries with inadequate educational resources, leveraging technology such as Khan Academy is still challenging.

Numeric is a non-profit organization that’s improving math education for South African students using Khan Academy. In 2012, only 2% of Grade 9 students scored higher than 50% on the national assessment in math. Their strategy to improve math literacy is to organize after-school programs by partnering with schools who provide technology resources, while Numeric trains ‘coaches’ and manage the curriculum.

In addition, they trimmed down the content on Khan Academy and created their own web dashboard to make it easier for students and teachers to find relevant content. They also developed a much needed offline video browser since many schools located in rural SA still have poor internet connection.

For more information, you can visit Numeric’s website here.

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