Snowden struggles to find asylum; threatens new leaks

After being granted safe passage by Putin on the condition that he stop his campaign against the US, Edward Snowden has withdrawn his asylum request from Russia. With support from WikiLeaks, he has submitted asylum requests to 19 different countries, however has yet to be granted one. The largest of the countries, India, immediately declined Snowden’s request.

Although bigger nations have neglected to offer Snowden political asylum, he continues to receive support from smaller countries, particularly those in Latin America who don’t necessarily have the resources to offer him safety. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been a vocal supporter of Snowden, suggesting he deserves the “world’s protection” for his actions. Maduro is in Russia this week, although he avoided questions from Russian reporters about whether he was there for Snowden.

Snowden has not submitted an asylum request to Venezuela.

“I remain free and able to publish information that serves the public interest,” Snowden said. ”No matter how many more days my life contains, I remain dedicated to the fight for justice in this unequal world. If any of those days ahead realize a contribution to the common good, the world will have the principles of Ecuador to thank.”

via Reuters

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8 thoughts on “Snowden struggles to find asylum; threatens new leaks”

    1. LOL i have to laugh at comments attacking Snowden, they are obviously from people that have very limited education , possibly inbred family tree?

  1. Just because someone is a high school drop out does not make them a bad person. Your logic is flawed. He didn’t fuck over those who helped him, he realized that those people were fucking over the entire world, and dropped the curtains on them.

  2. YouAreNothing:

    The person behind this comment is clearly a shill of the empire. Someone paid to spread an agenda.

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