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Snowden makes appearance at TED, talks with Tim Berners-Lee

TED organizer Chris Anderson decided not to do a traditional TED talk they’re so well-known for on Tuesday. Instead, Edward Snowden made a surprise appearance on a Suitable Technology Robot from an undisclosed location and was interviewed by Anderson. Last week, Snowden made an appearance at SxSW in Austin on a livestream.

“I don’t think there’s any question that some of the most important reporting to be done is yet to come,” said Snowden.  When asked by Anderson whether he thought he was a whistleblower, traitor, or hero, Snowden said he’s an American citizen. Snowden recommended that all corporate websites shift to encrypted services to increase user privacy.

Anderson alluded to the similarities between the ideals of Snowden and inventor of the web Tim Berners-Lee, who’s advocated for a Magna Carta to protect internet users. Berners-Lee was present at the talk, eventually coming on stage to ask Snowden questions. When asked by Anderson on whether he thought Snowden was a hero or traitor, Berners-Lee said, “hero, if you have to make the choice between the two”.

“We don’t have give up our privacy to have good government. We don’t have to give up our liberty to have security” Snowden said in closing.

The full interview can be viewed on TED here.

via The Wired

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