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Argentina President: NSA engaging in “economic espionage”

Photo Courtesy of Presidencia de la República del Ecuador

Among the critics of NSA’s recently revealed international surveillance networks, Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been one of the most vocal. Her doom-and-gloom response to the revelations has been a sentiment echoed across Latin America, particularly in Brazil. Kirchner has expressed severe concern on the nature of data the NSA has gathering, suggesting that much of it goes beyond that of law and order and rather falls into the domain of information that would help support and leverage the United States’ economic interests.

“Through it [PRISM], the NSA collected data on oil and military purchases from Venezuela, energy and narcotics from Mexico, and have mapped the movement of the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC).”

The head of state expressed serious doubt on the integrity of the network, also remarking sarcasticly at the fact that despite all it’s technical supremacy, the US wasn’t able to know that Snowden wasn’t on the Bolivian plane crossing Europe.

“I got chills down my spine when I went back to Bolivia and saw that a fellow president (Evo Morales) had been detained for 13 hours as though he were a thief. I got chills down my spine when we discovered that they are spying on all of us through their intelligence services … and on the other hand, within our own country, I hear only silence.”


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