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LAPD deny throwing young woman out of car, shattering her jaw; surveillance cameras show otherwise

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With the influx of lapel recorders, dashcams, closed circuit cameras and other recording technology, corruption and negligence by the uniformed has been put under the limelight for scrutiny. The latest such event revolves around the LAPD (a common target of media scrutiny), reportedly throwing 28 year old business student Kim Nguyen from the pack of a police sedan, shattering her jaw requiring multiple surgery and extended hospital stay.

Nguyen claims she was thrown out handcuffed while the car was accelerating. The police deny the allegation, rather placing the blame on Nguyen’s insobriety.

Surveillance cameras, however, show extensive trauma not entirely consistent with simply slipping out of the vehicle. Nguyen was found writing unconscious, with a broken jaw and several teeth knocked out from a very fast and deliberate impact. The suspected LAPD officers, David Shin and Jim Oh haven’t offered officially commentary, nor has their department or LAPD officials.

Nguyen is pursuing a lawsuit against the LAPD for damages.

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