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Soccket – A soccer ball that stores energy

Photo courtesy of Love Green on Flickr |

Social enterprise Uncharted Play’s philosophy is to develop fun products that help solve third-world problems. That’s precisely what they did with Soccket – a soccer ball that’s able to store the kinetic energy as it’s being played with for later use. The company behind the product claims that the device can power an LED light for 3 hours with only 30 minutes of being played with. The ball weighs an ounce more than typical soccer balls with its outer shell made out of waterproof ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

The company was able to raise $92,000 through Kickstarter in March 2013. The money will allow the company to hire more people, optimize their manufacturing/assembly process, and increase production batches. Their plan is to keep all manufacturing of the product based in the US.

For more information about Soccket, visit Unchartered Play’s website.

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