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WikiLeaks ‘Spy Files’ documentary exposes surveillance state

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Championing the anti-surveillance movement for the last two years, Wikileaks and founder Julian Assange have taken their message to a new digital platform – film. The release of their new documentary ‘Spy Films 3′ is a striking expose in the world of government surveillance, and it’s increased pervasiveness in modern society.

“Unequivocally, the newest ‘Spy Files’ documents show that this dark industry only continues to grow, in both technical capability and customer base, all while amassing billions in profits off the suffering of individuals,” Privacy International researcher Kenneth Page said.

Assange’s angle is that global surveillance efforts is primarily being driven by corporate interests rather than safety & security. New leaks and reports indicate that an international network of Western IT syndicates have contributed to a vast telecommunications surveillance network intent primarily on the institutionalized surveillance of online citizenry.

“And just like an advertisement you would see on television or in a magazine, spy firms are marketing these tools with flashy graphics, sales-speak and guarantees on effectiveness. It’s quite jarring to see such dangerous technologies being presented in such an unthreatening fashion, given that these products represent one of the biggest threats to human rights in the 21st century.”


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