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China vows new measures to censor Dalai Lama in Tibet

November 6, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
Photo courtesy of dumplife (Mihai Romanciuc) on Flickr |

Tibetan party chief, Chen Quanguo, has promised to remove any trace of the Dalai Lama from television as well as the internet in order to curb the his influence in the sensitive Tibetan region. The Chinese government will take new measures in order to ensure that Tibetan citizens are not exposed to the so-called “splittist propaganda” including seizing illegal satellites, increasing internet filters and requiring that citizens register with their real names for internet and telephone.

The goal is to curb nationalist sentiment and unrest in the sensitive Tibetan region, from which the ruling Dalai Lama has been exiled since the 1959 rebellion against Chinese rule. China’s ruling party hopes that Tibetan’s, who celebrate the Dalai Lama and go to great lengths just to obtain pictures of him, will only see approved Chinese media.

Chen said that the party would, “Work hard to ensure that the voice and image of the party is heard and seen over the vast expanses (of Tibet) … and that the voice and image of the enemy forces and the Dalai clique are neither seen nor heard.” China has faced international condemnation for its historic and current human rights record in Tibet.

via Reuters

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