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Wikipedia CEO: U.S. Spying Allegations ‘Embarrassing,’

November 8, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
Photo courtesy of William Brawley

“They (spying revelations) give the Chinese every excuse to be as bad as they have been… It’s really embarrassing.”

Those were the words of Jimmy Wales, head honcho and spokesperson of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia foundation. Wikipedia, an organization that has long been the champion of free information, claims that the U.S. spying allegations have made a severe dent in it’s efforts to convince international government to cooperate in making information free and available. Wikipedia specifically seeks to limit censorship of its content, and the allegations have supposedly brought oppressive regimes on edge attempting to manipulate the content of information relevant to them.

Snowden’s leaks revealing the reach and methods of U.S. surveillance have prompted angry calls for explanations from France to Brazil.

via Huffington Post

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