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Driverless pods coming to a town in the UK by 2017

November 7, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
Photo courtesy of Segway Inc. on Flickr |

The town of Milton Keynes in the UK plan on introducing a driverless transportation system, hoping to transform the city to one reminiscent in many science-fiction novels. 100 pods which can each carry two passengers, along with a smartphone app to handle payments will be introduced by 2017. Trials for the pods will begin next year, with the pods being controlled by joysticks and steering wheels.

Although the city has yet to announce the manufacturers of the pods, pictures released were concept designs of the EN-V Pride created by General Motors and Segway. The pods will be able to travel up to speeds of 12mph, and will be restricted to a dedicated pod lane until residents of the town acclimate to the new vehicles. The transportation system is expected to cost over $100 million, but will significantly reduce local pollution and parking issues.

The city still has to overcome a number of regulations before being able to introduce the pods, as they aren’t considered as taxis or buses.

via The Independent 

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