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Corporate America fights back: spy tactics used to attack hackers

November 12, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
Photo courtesy of xylophon

Computer hackers are responsible for net losses to the corporate world of nearly $100 billion every year. For many years, corporations ahve depended on law enforcement to root out hackers and recover from cyber attacks. As cyber vitriol continues to get stronger on the heels of Anonymous’s infamy, corporations are taking matters into their own hands.

How are they doing it? Through clandestine spies. Security consultants pretend to be hackers and gradually infiltrate the ranks of hackers, doing a small credit card scam here and there to increase legitimacy. When they’re in, they sabotage the groups from within.

“The more modern approach is: I want to know who’s going to attack me, so I can tune my defenses in advance,” said Ian Amit, service director at security consultant IOActive.

Amit further went on to mention that talks were surfacing among security personnel to start a counter-attack movement, targetting hackers and attacking them in advance.

via CNN

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