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Hundreds of thousands of anti-Islamists erupt in Egypt; mobilize through social media

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Two days after a nationwide protest that claimed more than 30 lives in clashes, another massive protest has broken out in Tahrir square with numbers even larger than those reported on Friday. Although ousted leader Mursi’s departure was met with joy by much of Egypt’s citizens, a large swath of Islamists protested last week with clashes leading to nearly 1500 injuries and multiple fatalities.

Mursi was brought down on Wednesday in a coup by the Egyptian military (although they deny that it was a coup).

So far there haven’t been clashes; however the demonstrations are at a much larger scale, and local security officials have expressed severe concerns about potential rioting and violence.

The Muslim Brotherhood has yet to make a statement on the most recent round of protests. Earlier Sunday, Egypt’s interim president nominated Mohamed ElBaradei for VP and Ziad Bahaa el Din as prime minister.

The protest was organized primarily through private lines of communication in social media. With recent arrests in the middle east, cyber activists have been forced to be increasingly cautious.

via Reuters

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