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Start-up seeks to engage African students through VoIP

November 25, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
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Many modern education tech solutions geared towards the developing world rely on the use smartphones and data connections. Despite the rapid growth of smartphones in Africa, feature phones still remain widely used., a start-up that recently graduated from Startupbus Africa, a five-day hackathon where teams build a start-up while on a bus, has developed an education engagement platform for students which can be accessed through feature phones.

The education platform allows teachers to pre-record lessons and create quizzes which can be accessed from students through a unique SMS code. When a student sends a text with the code, they’ll receive a free VoIP interactive call from servers. Students will be able perform quizzes and answer open-ended questions asked in the voice of their teacher. In addition, teachers will receive real-time analytics to save time on marking.

The company recently partnered with Higher Life which overseas thousands of schools in Zimbabwe to run a pilot program.

via HumanIPO

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