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President of Kenya plans to return controversial media bill to Parliament

November 16, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
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Earlier this month we covered a media law that was swiftly passed by the Kenyan Parliament which would grant the government the power to fine journalist for failing to follow a code of conduct – which the government would create.  For the bill to take effect however, it had to be passed by the Kenyan President who would ensure that it wasn’t unconstitutional.

The president has yet to receive the bill, although initial sources indicate that the president will send it back to the Parliament. “Even as the bill makes its way to the president through the formal laid-out channels, I can confirm that the president will return the bill to parliament,” said State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu.

According to Esipisu, the bill goes against Article 34 (5), which “ demands that the body be free of control by government, political or commercial interests”.

via HumanIPO

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