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With 5 million users, privacy company Mega exits beta

November 13, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
Photo courtesy of Thierry Ehrmann on Flickr |

The privacy company founded by Kim Dotcom exited beta last week, nine months after it was launched during late January of 2012. Riding the momentum of frustrated Megaupload (Dotcom’s previous company which was raided) users, millions flooded into Mega days after it was launched. The service today has 5 million users with 453 million uploads.

In it’s current state, Mega is a file-sharing service, offering similar functionality to Dropbox. The company plans on releasing a sync client and an iOS app later this month. CEO Vikram Kumar has much larger plans for the company though. Their next goal is to create a suite of encrypted communication tools – text, voice, and video communication services in the browser. Long term, the company hopes to become an encrypted storage platform, one that developers can leverage to create privacy applications.

“For us privacy means that the user controls their data and files, and that it can’t be snooped on. Mega can only see encrypted bits of information. We never look at the file or the message, and if we can’t look at it we can never give it to anyone else to have a look at it either” said Kumar in an interview with TorrenFreak.

via TorrentFreak

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