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FBI: Anonymous has been hacking into the U.S government

November 16, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
Photo courtesy of Gaelx on Flickr |

According to the FBI, activist hacking group Anonymous have broken into multiple U.S government agencies dating back to last year. The ‘hacktavists’ originally found an exploit in Adobe System Inc’s software that allowed them to leave back-doors which they could later revisit.

A memo distributed by the FBI indicated that the breach extended to the U.S Army, Department of Energy, and Department of Health and Human Services, among the few. Data stolen amounted to personal information on over 104,000 employees and information on close to 20,000 bank accounts.

It’s believed that the hacking started when hacker Lauri Love discovered an exploit in Adobe’s ColdFusion software which was used to create web applications.

via Reuters

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