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Cybercrime is hurting the United States and well, everyone else too

Cybercrime is hurting the United States and well, everyone else too

A report released by the Internet Crime Compliant Center revealed that complainants from the United States lost over $400 million due to cybercrime in 2012. The actual amount lost by the country is most likely larger since many cases don’t end up being reported. Following the United States in amount loss by complainants are Canada, the UK, and Australia. Overall, approximately 290 000 cases were reported which was an 8.3% increase from 2011.

Frequently reported crimes cited in the report include auto fraud, FBI impersonation email scams, intimidation/extortion scams, hit man scams, and scareware/ransomware. The level of creativity and sophistication from criminals will continue to increase as a greater wealth of vulnerable users begin to use the web. Cyber-related crimes are becoming more common, particularly in developing countries such as South Africa. Reports indicate that the country lost $102.5 million annually due to cybercrime.


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Tails operating system – Privacy for anyone anywhere

Tails operating system – Privacy for anyone anywhere

Tails is an operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux that can loaded from a USB or DVD that preserves the privacy and anonymity of the user.

Online anonymity is guaranteed through connection to the Internet through Tor. In fact, any application that attempts to connect to the Internet directly has its connection blocked. For those unfamiliar with Tor, it essentially works by creating a unique path among network of computers that relay information to its destination. Tor can be used to hide your location and access censored websites (a wealth of information about Tor can be found on their website). The creators of Tails acknowledge several security limitations of Tor, particularly the potential of exit node eavesdropping.

Tails can be used on any computer, independent of the operating system the original computer runs. Removing the USB or DVD and restarting the computer leaves no trace that it was previously running another OS. The operating system uses no disk space and only uses the RAM of the host computer.

For more information, visit the Tails website.

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Founder of The Pirate Bay appeals his case to Supreme Court, avoids extradition

Founder of The Pirate Bay appeals his case to Supreme Court, avoids extradition

The founder of The Pirate Bay, Gottfrid Svartholm, made an appeal on his case to the Supreme Court and avoided extradition to Denmark. Svartholm was already sentenced to one year in prison last month (which was reduced from two) by the Swedish court for hacking the IT company Logica. The Danes requested for his extradition for another hacking case, that of an IT company called CSC.

Svartholm argued that the initial warrant he received from the Danish government was incomplete and similar to another case which was dropped in Sweden. “It was found that my computer could have been controlled remotely, and that it had acted as a ‘computer lab’/ server, accessible to a wider audience. I could therefore not be held responsible for what was found on it. Liability was thus tried in Sweden for something that very closely matches what Denmark wants to hold me responsible for. It must be investigated whether this act should be considered ‘ the same offense’ or not”, wrote Svartholm in an open letter.

The Supreme Court is expected to take months before reaching a decision.

via TorrentFreak

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