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Edward Snowden didn’t show up in Google’s list of top 2013 searches

When this magazine broke the story of Snowden’s father’s interview, no link was more popular on the web for about 5 minutes. Edward Snowden and the NSA fiasco has been a consistent fixture on the front page of Reddit and other link aggregation sources. For all intents and purposes, Edward Snowden has been one of the most talked about people of 2013.

According to Google, though, that didn’t happen. It’s true that the Snowden fiasco didn’t begin till midway through the year, but given the amount of coverage this story has gotten, it’s surprising to see that Snowden was barely a blip on the radar.

Edward Snowden doesn’t even show up in Google’s top searches of 2013. The recently deceased Paul Walker and the iPhone 5S show up higher. Even Oscar Pistorius, the South African athlete who famously won a race with an artificial leg currently under investigation for murder, has gone higher than Snowden.

via Washington Post