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US drone operator: ‘We always wonder if we killed the right people’

There are few topics hotter right now in the world of security and privacy than the proliferation of drone technology.

To add fuel to the fire, The Gaurdian has published a report of a former US drone operator openly questioning the US drone program. An Air Force analyst for nearly 4 years, Heather Linebaugh says that the people calling the shots on the program don’t have a first-hand perspective on the brutality and casualties inflicted.

“I wish I could ask them a few questions,” Linebaugh writes. “I’d start with: ‘How many women and children have you seen incinerated by a Hellfire missile?’”

‘The program has become increasingly controversial in recent months, with the Defense Department effectively canceling a drone piloting medal. Earlier this month, a strike in Yemen mistook a wedding party for an Al Qaeda gathering, mistakenly killing at least 13 civilians.’

via The Verge

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