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France joins the fray: Article 20 opens the gate for institutionalized surveillance

Europe has been saved from the brunt of criticism against civilian surveillance largely because of the EU’s vocal ciriticism of the US. They have, however, joined the fray at last. Article 20 (formerly Article 13), a policy in the works in France, is one which sanctions and almost encourages institutionalized surveillance of open communication.

La Quadrature du Net, a French publication focusing on internet technologies and open information is spearheading the critique against this policy. The following is an exerpt from their report, and a link to their support portal.

“La Quadrature du Net thanks all those who contributed to the opposition to this article.

It calls for the continuation of the fight against surveillance of our communications on the Internet by any means: before parliament or judges, through technology and usage choices.

Many other steps will enable citizens to continue the fight against the development of a generalised surveillance, which has become a tool for political powers unable to act for the common good.

But it is on the political and usage fronts that our rights and freedoms will be determined.”

via La Quadrature