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Project Isizwe’s ambitious project to bring free Wi-fi across Africa

Economic growth has historically been tightly linked with broadband and internet access.  A 2009 report from the World Bank found that a 10% increase in broadband penetration would lead to a GDP increase by 1.38 percentage points  in developing countries.  The internet has the ability to empower citizens through higher-skilled learning and productivity gains.

Project Isizwe (which means nation, tribe, and people in Xhosa) is helping to bring internet to low-income areas across Africa through access to free Wi-Fi in public areas.  They assist governments in setting up and maintaining Wi-Fi networks. The organization does not involve itself directly in operational and political duties, but coordinates the necessary stakeholders for the infrastructure to come into realization.

Last November, Project Isizwe and the city of Tswane completed Phase 1 to provide Wi-Fi in strategic areas such as University campuses and community centres.

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