Whistleblowers deliver an open message to intelligence officials

A group of whistleblowers who were former intelligence employees, military officials, and government employees have stepped forward in an open letter to address intelligence officials, encouraging them to follow the same actions of Edward Snowden.

“You can be part of the solution; provide trustworthy journalists – either from old media (like this newspaper) or from new media (such as WikiLeaks) with documents that prove what illegal, immoral, wasteful activities are going on where you work.”, writes in the letter.

Governments have been silently widening the extent of their power in order to ensure national security and prevent another catastrophic repeat of 9/11. Pervasive surveillance has become the norm, with secret intelligence operations tracking millions of innocent people with the hope of capturing terrorists. Such actions however, threaten our right to privacy and democracy –  key components to the fabric of our society.

More revelations from the NSA, GCHQ, and other intelligence organizations are to come with Snowden’s documents being carefully analyzed by journalists from The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Wikileaks. It can’t stop there though. More and more people will need to come out and reveal the truth if we ever wish to restore our freedom.

via The Guardian