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Indonesian group of hackers retaliate against Australian police for spying

November 26, 2013 | Written by The Grand Signal
Photo courtesy of Twentyfour Students on Flickr |

Indonesian hackers who belong to the group BlackSinChan released the emails and passwords of Australian government and police officials on Monday. The Australian Crime Stoppers website was forced to be taken down as officials worked to determine the full extent of the attack.

“Today we only release some email and pass only! This is a warn for Australian goverment!” said in a statement released by BlackSinChan. The attack was a response to Australian spies that were purportedly spying on the Indonesian president’s phone.

The deputy chairman of Crime stoppers told Guardian reporters that no classified information was stolen, describing the attack as mere intimidation. Tensions between Indonesia and Australia have deteriorated since reports surfaced that Australia was spying on Indonesia’s president, wife and close network.

via The Guardian

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