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Kenya announces plan to create ICT hubs across the country

With the potential of ICT to make a significant impact both socially and economically, Kenya announced their plan to create ICT innovation hubs in 47 counties across the country. Their plan is to increase GDP contribution from ICT to 10 percent in 5 five years, which is currently at 2.5 percent.

Cabinet secretary for ICT, Fred Matiangi, said that the government will support “the creation of incubation hubs for ICT startups in each county with a view to empowering the youth with the necessary experience and training to develop market-ready ICT services and products”. The government also plans on improving the country’s technology infrastructure by expanding fibre optic networks and Wi-Fi coverage to all major cities in the country.

Kenya is ambitious in their attempt to leverage technology as a key mechanism for economic growth. The country has already adopted key mobile technologies such as M-Pesa and mobile adoption continues to rise.

via HumanIPO

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