The great Bloomberg scandal: Systemic news censorship

News recently broke that Bloomberg news has been engaged in systemic censorship of relevant news in their Chinese bureau. Although they have vehemently denied allegations, Chinese officials have taken things into their own hands are conducted an unannounced investigation on the organization.

The epicentre of the scandal is a special script/code snippet known as “Code 204″ — created in 2011, it allows Bloomberg writers to associate any piece of news with “code 204″, blocking it from being published. Bloomberg is accused to have used it to block access to it’s 2011 report on Chinese censorship of the “Jasmine Revolution” protests, as well as it’s article on Chinese millionaire Xi Jinping.

Although they have denied allegations, Bloomberg’s hasty call to withhold it’s October stories suggest that it has a very flimsy idea of how Chinese censorhip operates. Further details from the investigation are still forthcoming.

via New Republic

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