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Bulgarian right-wing party Ataka forcibly occupies State TV broadcaster

Photo courtesy of Nedko Ivanov |

Ataka, a Bulgarian right-wing party in support of the ruling parliamentary party, has made consistently claims recently against Bulgaria’s state-owned broadcaster BNT for bias against them. Ataka president Volen Siderov enacted his right to parliamentary immunity to break past police barricades and into BNT headquarters with his supporters, and proceeded to occupy the premises for several hours, but failed to interrupt the broadcast. This display of agression was preceded by an announcement to his supporters:

“We are going to throw stones, tomatoes and eggs at the offices of BNT, bTV, Nova TV and Canal 3,” he announced.

Bulgaria, a country with the worst press-freedom rank of any country in the Europian Union, has a recent history of politicians infringing upon the editorial freedoms of the Bulgarian journalists. National Assembly speaker Mihail Mikov recently commented on BNR and BTV that several TV stations have contributed to a rise in social tension, and reminded them of “the appropriate way to cover the situation in the capital and in the country.”.

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